During Wonder Festival 2015 (Winter), or Winter WonFes, Good Smile Racing and Team UKYO have unveiled their latest racer for this year’s Super GT season, and as expected, Racing Miku, with her new Knight-inspired design, serves as its race queen.

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The new racer is based on the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 MY15, and is sponsored by many notable figure companies like Banpresto, Freeing, Gift, and Max Factory, as well as Nitroplus, and of course, Good Smile Company and Crypton Future Media. the Team UKYO drivers handling this speedster will be the same as last year, Nobuteru Taniguchi and Kataoka Tatsuya.

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Miku may be Good Smile Racing’s race queen, but she ain’t the only one as they also revealed Team Ukyo’s other beautiful ladies, who also helped in the car’s unveiling.

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