As fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Bandai Namco’s upcoming Sword Art Online: Lost Song game for the PS 3 and the PS Vita, new screenshots from the game have been revealed, as well as the reveal of a few new additions to the game.

The new CG images unveiled feature Caith Sith Sinon wearing some glasses (like her IRL version), new character Rain being attacked by a monster, Silica and Yui sleeping, and Argo showing her weakness against dogs, how cute…

saols_01_cs1w1_720x (1) saols_07_cs1w1_720x saols_08_cs1w1_720x saols_09_cs1w1_720x

It has also been revealed that the big and muscular gnome, Agil will be playable and he will surely bring a lot of muscle to your party. Kirito can partner up with him and Klein for a very MANLY hunting party.

saols_02_cs1w1_x720 saols_03_cs1w1_720x saols_02_cs1w1_720x saols_01_cs1w1_720x

Leafa’s friend, Recon, as well as Salamander General, Eugene, will also be part of the game

01_cs1w1_x720 02_cs1w1_x720

A new area has also been revealed, and it is the third floating island in Svart Alfheim, the snow island.

saols_06_cs1w1_720x saols_04_cs1w1_720x saols_05_cs1w1_720x saols_06_cs1w1_720x (1)

Sword Art Online: Lost Song  is set for release on March 26, 2015 for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita. It was also announced that the game will have an English version for Asia. No exact release date for the Asian version has been announced but it is also set sometime in 2015.

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