With Winter 2015 already heading to its midway point, Weekly Famitsu Magazine has asked its readers to vote for which Winter 2015 anime is their favorite.

The survey asked 1,847 people, 1,175 of whom were males, while only 672 were females. The results for the Top 20 were announced in the 3/5/2015 edition of the magazine and here they are:

20) Seiken Tsukai no World Break

19) Dog Days”

18) Yatterman Night

17) Maria the Virgin Witch

16) Unlimited Fafnir

15) Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3

14) Kami-sama Kiss

13) The Testament of Sister New Devil

11/12 tie) Gourmet Girl Graffiti

11/12 tie) Durarara!! X2

10) Fafner in the Azure: EXODUS


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