Shirobako has been quite an eye-opener for anime fans as it showed everybody that making an anime series ain’t that easy and as glamorous as many think it is. With the second Blu-ray volume for the anime about to go on sale, Warner Brothers anime has streamed a new teaser video, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at Shirobako.

The video features voice actress Juri Kimura, who voices main character, Aoi Miyamori, as she goes behind-the-scenes in a video about making an anime about an anime about making anime. It is actually a short sample from what to expect from the second Blu-ray volume, which will include illuminating commentaries from three heavyweights from the animation industry, which include PA Works president/founder Kenji Horikawa, Infinite producer Takayuki Nagatani and animator, Ichiro Itano, responsible for several series like Gundam and Macross and was even featured in the anime.

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As featured in the anime, an animator’s life ain’t really as fabulous as you might think, huh?

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Source: Crunchyroll


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