It’s that time of year once again where the wallets of many collectors are bracing for a lot of hurting as some of Japan’s biggest companies and up and coming figure and garage kit makers gather for the country’s most important figure event, Wonder Festival, or Winter WonFes 2015.


Let’s start things off with Good Smile Company, as well as their affiliates like Max Factory, Penguin parade, Phat! Company, Freeing, and others. As expected, the group’s Wonderful Hobby Life 4 U! booth featured plenty of new Kantai Collection figures, as well as other series such as Oregairu, Nanoha, The Irregular at Magic High School, IS: Infinite Stratos, Monogatari, To Love-Ru, Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, and many more. New figmas and new Nendoroids were also announced, and let’s not forget that the GSC booth will never be complete without a new Miku figure, right?And they even have Love Live! figmas!

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Page 2 will feature Kotobukiya’s upcoming releases

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