Live-action anime adaptations are notorious for being “hit or miss”, with some, such as the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movies, being both a financial and critical success while others like Parasyte and Lupin III being generally not well received by fans.

Japanese media website, MyNavi Student has recently asked 500 people, both male and female, on which anime series do they really don’t want to see as a live-action movie. The website only displayed the Top 5, and here are the results:

5) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (5% of the votes)


4) Mazinger Z (6% of the votes)


3) Neon Genesis Evangelion (7% of the votes)


2) One Piece (10% of the votes)


1) Slam Dunk (14% of the votes)


Though a live-action Slam Dunk movie would be much more realistic and a lot easier to do than the other four titles in the list, the basketball series is the ones which fans have picked to be the series they don’t like to see a live-action version of the most. As a sports series, Slam Dunk should translate pretty well into live-action on paper, but some fans who voted for it have said that since it is so popular, it would be easy to to criticize the movie if it turns out to be a poor adaptation.

The other four choices seem to be bound to get laden with CG and special effects if they ever get a live-action adaptation, and with that, many fans seem to be afraid that these movies will focus more on the CG and special effects rather than the story itself, and it is quite understanding as many live-action adaptations of movies focused more on the effects rather than the story or even the acting leaving the movie a stale version of a series loved by many.

Though only the Top 5 were listed, the website did mention that some fans also voted for Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Full Metal Alchemist.

So which anime do you NOT want to get a live-action version of?

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Source: MyNavi Student


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