In Japan, it is very common to hear anime songs, or anisongs, being sang in karaokes, and just like many karaoke songs, there are those which are so performed often that people are already getting tired of hearing them… just like the many songs people would often choose in karaokes around the world.

Japanese media website, MyNavi Student, has asked 362 of its readers,which anisongs are they tired of hearing being performed in karaokes, and based on the popularity of these songs alone, the results are not very surprising. Here they are:

5 (tie): Let it Go (Frozen)


5 (tie): Ai Wo Torimodose (Fist of the North Star)


5 (tie): Cutie Honey (Cutie Honey)


4: Gatchaman Song (Gatchaman)


3: Space Battleship Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato)

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2: Touch (Touch)


1) Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Cruel Angel’s Thesis has won plenty of karaoke song rankings in Japan, including Joysound’s annual anisong karaoke rankings, which surveyed just how many times songs are played in the various Joysound karaoke booths in Japan. Needless to say, the song is played a lot, and because of that, it is not very surprising that some people are getting sick of hearing it over and over and over again. The same can also be said with the theme song of the baseball anime, Touch, which is also one of the choice anisongs being performed in various Japanese karaoke joints.

The survey results only featured the Top 5 (in this case, Top 7 since there is a three-way tie for 5th), however, it was mentioned that people are also tired of hearing other songs being played, such as Butter-fly from Digimon and Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon.

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