5) Monster


4) Ghost in the Shell


3) Neon Genesis Evangelion


2) Kaiji


1) Death Note


#1 goes to one of the most psychologically intense games of cat and mouse in Japanese animation, and rightfully so as Death Note’s dark and dangerous twists and turns have left fans at the edge of their seats.

While the winner of this ranking, Death Note, may not be a very surprising winner, Kaiji was able to pull a mild upset to get the #2 spot, ahead of one of the most psychological anime series of all time, Evangelion. Kaiji, also known for having the main character use his wit to get out of difficult situations is also very deserving, however, given that its fanbase isn’t as huge as Evangelion’s, it could be counted as an upset of sorts.

And speaking of Eva, the anime which introduced the term, “Mind Rape” has gotten into the heads of many viewers with its Biblical references and psychologically imbalanced children. Eva just fits the Psychological Anime genre to a tee, and it deserves its spot at #3

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