Tokyo Ghoul is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most popular anime and manga series these days, and it is getting itself a new game for the PlayStation Vita.


The 18th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine has unveiled new details on this Tokyo Ghoul video game titled, Tokyo Ghoul Masquerader, and it announced that the protagonist will not be Ken Kaneki but a ghoul named Rio.


Rio is revealed to be key to the story and the scan teases that there is a connection between him and Ken Kaneki himself. He is also designed by Tokyo Ghoul creator, Sui Ishida himself, who is also working with the game’s developers for its original story.

The game will allow players to explore the 23 wards of Tokyo and talk to various characters, many of whom are very familiar. The game is listed as an “adventure RPG”, but it also has some visual novel components to it like having to deepen relationships with several key individuals to further progress in the game. No release date has been announced for  Tokyo Ghoul Masquerader yet.

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Source: ANN


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