China is very infamous for their strict censorship of any form of media, and according to a recent report by Reuters, they have just blacklisted High School of the Dead, Terror in Resonance, and Blood-C because they have been deemed offensive.


The Ministry of Culture, which regulates the media in the country, has announced that companies which own video streaming sites, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Youku Tudou Inc and Baidu Inc’s iQiyi, are getting punished because they have been showing “videos suspected of containing violence and pornography, which it said causes juvenile delinquency.” This is all part of the ministry’s campaign to broaden their control of internet content and censor “material deemed damaging to society and the ruling Communist Party”.


The videos in question are of course, the three anime titles mentioned above, because according to the ministry, they “include scenes of violence, pornography, terrorism and crimes against public morality”. They will then dispatch agencies to punish the above mentioned companies, even though their sites are only hosting these videos.


China is now implementing new regulations and are now requiring streaming sites to seek approval from the government first before being able to finally stream foreign material. Punishment for offenders were not specified, though the ministry has said that the punishments will be “according to the law”.

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