With the excitement for the upcoming Love Live! School Idol Movie building up to its June 2015 premiere, online shopping website, Amazon.co.jp, is looking for which member of μ’s should be serving as their Love Live! spokesperson.


The midterm results for the poll have been revealed, and from the looks of things, one particular third year member seems to be in the lead at the moment

3) Hanayo Koizumi

2) Nozomi Tojou

1) Eli Ayase

If the midterm results stay consistent,it looks like Eli will be bringing some Russian flair to Amazon, but then again, these are still only the midterm results and it’s the final results that actually count.


Voting for Amazon’s Love Live! spokesperson is still ongoing, and it is open to all Amazon.co.jp members. Amazon started accepting votes last April 3 and will only be accepting votes until April 27, 2015. Members can vote through this link (site is in Japanese)

Speaking of the Love Live! movie, Amazon.co.jp is also selling advanced tickets to see it, and they are also throwing in a special Love Live! tote bag for those who purchase the tickets online. Amazon.co.jp is selling these advanced tickets for 3,120 yen.


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