Imagine if your best friend wanted to take over the world or is actually a monster who eats people? That would be very strange indeed, huh? However, that is the topic for the latest poll by Japanese media website, MyNavi Student, as they asked 460 male and female respondents online, which anime or manga villain would they think would make a good best friend. Here are what they had to say (note: they are not ranked):

Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)


According to a 35 year old female medical employee, Frieza is soft-spoken and has a polite demeanor unlike many villains

Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


A female machinery employee meanwhile stated that Dio is COOL while another female respondent said that he’s strong and it would be nice if he was a friend and not an enemy. Well, if you ask me, it would be nice if he pops up in my house uninvited (like many best friends) and do his “you thought it was ____, but it is I, Dio!” routine

Doronjo (Yatterman)


This sultry villain seems to be very popular among men, with one of the male respondents saying that she exudes a big sister persona and that makes him want to be her friend.

One Piece villains


One Piece has a collection of many unforgettable and lovable villains, and many of them were mentioned, particularly Buggy the Clown because of his comedic nature. The Admirals also get some love from fans because according to one respondent, they are pretty interesting.

MyNavi Student also mentioned several others being chosen by fans like Col. Muska from Castle in the Sky, Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom, Ichijou from Kaiji, Utsumi from Patlabor, and Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter

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Source: Livedoor News



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