In Japan, it’s quite normal for anime fans to travel to various “anime holy lands” like Akihabara, Oarai and Chichibu, simply because they are located in the same country. Japan is the land of Japanese anime and manga, so visiting these “holy sites” is quite possible when you are in the country. But did you know that there are also Japanese anime holy lands outside of Japan?

A British travel blog based in Japan, Britain Park, is dedicated to promoting tourism to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In one of its features, the blog is inviting anime fans to visit one particular Holy Land in England, which is the Fosse Farm House, the very house which inspired the home of English foreign exchange student, Alice Cartelet, from the moe anime series, Kiniro Mosaic, which is currently airing its second season.

alice cartelet 01

The resemblance between the Fosse Farm House and Alice’s house is uncanny, and the animators have even recreated the guest bedroom.

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So to have Japanese visit the UK, Britain Park is using an anime? Well, that would be very smart as anime fans have been known to make ordinary places which were featured in anime turn into lucrative tourist spots. Girls und Panzer anime fans have turned the sleepy fishing town of Oarai into one of the most successful anime tourist destinations in Japan, so why not do it for Britain too, right?

The Fosse Farmhouse is actually a “Visit Britain Award winning B&B with Self Catering Accommodation and Delicious Home Cooking” and has served as a home away from home for many travelers.  However, if you look at it from a fan’s perspective, many may think of it as sleeping in Shinobu or Alice’s room.


Looks like all it’s missing now is a hyper-active half-British girl who always wears a Union Jack Parka…


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