In Japan, to really get in close with fans, some series release character songs which feature songs being performed by voice actors as their character from that series. These songs are now very common in the industry and they not only help boost their respective series’ popularity, but the voice actor’s as well. Some of them have even made the Oricon charts!

These character songs have become the basis for the latest anime poll by the rankings website, Goo. They have asked 500 respondents (250 male, 250 female) on which anime series has the best character songs out there. Here are their Top 19:

19, 18 tie) Tari Tari and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

17) PriPara

16, 15 tie) Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and Mekaku City Actors

14, 13, 12 tie) Guilty Crown, Shounen Hollywood, Symphogear

11) Aikatsu!

10) Bakumatsu Rock


9) Love Live!


8) The [email protected]


7) Angel Beats!


6) Cross Ange


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