5) UtaPri


4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


3) Monogatari series


2) Macross Frontier


1) K-On!!


When it comes to character songs, musical anime tend to be very popular, so the Top 2 ain’t a surprise at all with K-On! taking the #1 spot and Macross Frontier taking the #2 spot. Although it is a bit of a surprise that [email protected] and Love Live! are at #8 and #9 respectively as both idol series have boasted a plethora of character songs from their members.

Monogatari meanwhile has the the pleasure of having its character songs also serving as its OP songs, because depending on which heroine is being focused on, the anime’s OP will be the character song for that heroine.

and then there’s the #4 ranked Haruhi Suzumiya series which is quite famous for its character songs, and a total of 16 character song singles have been released for the series, and they even include character songs from side characters and even obscure characters like Emiri Kimidori, Kyon’s sister, and even Taniguchi.

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