The Tokai University in Tokyo, Japan,there is a class known as “Chi no Frontier” or Knowledge of the Frontier. The class studies literature and explores the rich themes in literature which cause “intellectual stimulation”, and in one of those classes, they studied the magical girl anime, Madoka Magica.


The class, lectured by professor Yoshio Shimizu, took a look at all 12 episodes of the popular yet dark Magical Girl anime and studied its thought-provoking nature.

The class itself was a huge success as student @ Mi_narusyo showed that a long line has formed outside the lecture hall where the Madoka Magica class was held.


There were so many students who attended the lecture that some of them were forced to stand according to @ Teiruzu2444


Well, Madoka Magica does have an intellectual feel to it and has become the anti-thesis for many magical girl anime. Even though still remotely new, the anime has already been considered a classic and has legions of fans around the world. And that class certainly looks like a really really fun literature class, don’t you think?

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source: IT Media

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