Japanese snack company, Calbee, has quite the relationship with one of Japan’s most famous voice actresses today, Nana Mizuki (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Fate Testarossa and Cross Ange’s Ange). The snack brand, which is selling Nana Mizuki’s own curry-flavored potato chips and previously offered a special Nana Mizuki voice alarm clock, is now offering something new, which is a life-size sticker of the famous voice actress herself!


A new product promotion allows 777 fans to win Nana Mizuki goodies, which include the life-size wall sticker and a Nana Mizuki T-shirt. Of these 777 winners, 77 will receive the wall sticker while the other 700 will win the T-shirts.

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To win these prices, fans just have to buy three bags of Calbee’s Potarich potato chips and submit the receipts by mailing them or they can also use the Recepre! smartphone app.

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Source: Calbee official


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