The character designs for the three main characters of one of this year’s most highly-anticipated anime, Monster Musume, have finally been revealed and they are the lamia, Miia, the centaur, Centorea, and the harpy, Papi.


Miia will be voiced by none other than Sora Amamiya, whose name rhymes with her character’s name and species. Amamiya is known for voicing One Week Friend’s Kaori Fujimiya, Akame Ga Kill!’s Akame, and Aldnoah.Zero’s Princess Asseylum.


Ari Ozawa, best known for her role as Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun’s Chiyu Sakura and Rolling Girls’ Nozomi Moritomo, will be lending her voice to Papi, a blue-haired harpy who is a little bit too playful.


And Finally, Natsuki Aikawa, best known for voicing Attack on Titan’s Petra Ral, will be voicing Centorea, a noble centaur warrior.


The anime is scheduled to premiere this July 2015 as part of the Summer 2015 anime season. It is based on Okayado’s New York Times best-selling manga series which follows an exchange program between humans and monsters


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source: Moca News


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