In harem anime or manga, it is pretty common to find a lone boy being the only male student in a school full of girls, however, in the case of art imitating real life, it seems that a male student in a former all-girls school in Japan has found himself in a situation commonly found in anime, mangas, light novels, and visual novels.


The lone male student, whose name was not revealed, managed to be the ONLY boy admitted to the Tsuruoka-kita High School in Yamagata Prefecture. Tsuruoka-kita was previously an all-girls school, until it opened its doors to male students two years ago, however, no boy has been accepted until now. He is the only male out of the 160 new students accepted in the school.

Reports from the school’s opening ceremony suggest that he even received a standing ovation, and that is for the achievement that he is now the school’s first (and only) male student. Looks like he is now experiencing what IS: Infinite Stratos’s Ichika Orimura has been experiencing since he enrolled in IS Academy.


And he is also experiencing what Kamito Kazehaya from Bladedance of Elementalers is experiencing…


And let’s not forget about Unlimited Fafnir’s Yuu Mononobe, who is also the lone male in his school…


And whether he likes it or not, he is now living the dream of a lot of male anime fans, which is to be surrounded by Japanese high school girls! Well, hopefully, he does not run into some harem anime cliche’s like being punched by his class’s resident tsundere or accidentally finding himself in the girls’ locker room…

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