To celebrate having over one million copies of Atto’s popular slice of life manga, Non Non Biyori, in circulation, Monthly Comic Alive Magazine has recently asked its readers to vote for their favorite characters in an official character poll.


The official results are announced in Comic Alive’s June 2015 issue, and without further ado, here they are:

13) Hotaru’s mother

12) Yukiko Koshigaya

11) Gu the Tanuki

10) Honoka Ishikawa

9) Kazuho Miyauchi

8) Hikage Miyauchi

7) Suzuru Koshigaya

6) Kaede Kagayama

5) Natsumi Koshigaya


4) Konomi Fujimiya


3) Hotaru Ichijou


2) Komari Koshigaya


1) Renge Miyauchi


Nyan Pass!!!!!!  Renge, who has popularized that catchphrase, has unsurprisingly taken the poll and is now OFFICIALLY the most popular character in Non Non Biyori as she is quite easily the series’ most identifiable and lovable character.

Meanwhile, loli senpai, aka Komari Koshigaya, was able to take the #2 spot ahead of her much younger fangirl… I mean, classmate, Hotaru.

So, who is your favorite Non Non Biyori character? Do you agree with these official results?

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