Some good news for visual novel anime fans as Lump of Sugar’s Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity visual novel series will be getting itself a second anime adaptation, six years after the first anime was aired in Japan back in 2008.


According to magazine scan from the upcoming June 2015 issue of  Enterbrain’s Tech Gian magazine, which also celebrates the 10th anniversary of eroge company, Lump of Sugar, the company will be releasing two new projects for that 10th anniversary, and one of them is scheduled for Autumn 2015. It also announced that their Tayutama series will be getting a second anime series.


The announcement of a new Tayutama anime was actually announced back in April 1, however, since the announcement was made during April Fool’s Day, nobody believed it. Tayutama 2 really is no joke after all…


Tayutama is known among visual novel fans for its supernatural themes which include goddesses. The story follows Yuri Mito, whose traditional family runs a shrine. One night, he accidentally summons Kikuramikami no Hime, a Tayutai goddess who actually wants to make peace between humans and Tayutai. However, her release also releases three powerful Tayutai, Nue, Houou, and Ouryu.

More announcements about Tayutama 2 will be made in the days to come

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