With [email protected] and Love Live! clearly on top of the idol anime mountain, a new idol series looks like they are about to make the challenge as new idol series, Tubu Dol, has been announced by record company, Zero-A in a new video which features the voice of Ayana Taketatsu as Asuka Sagami

Tubo Dol was first released as a drama CD back in November 2014 and will be getting a 5-episode OVA series which will follow 16 aspiring local idols from the city of Sagimahara as they promote not only themselves, but also the city. The series’ theme song, Tubo Dol, will be released this April 15 and it will be performed by all 16 voice actresses, and they are:

Asuka Sagami: Ayana Taketatsu
Tamao Ajsai: Nao Touyama
Mahiro Kitazato: Maaya Uchida
Hana Yaei: Aya Suzaki
Konomi Kamimizo: Shizuka Ishigami
Chisato Suwarashi: Shiori Mikami
Junko Araiso: Nozomi Yamamoto
Karin Odasaga: Naomi Ozora
Yui Hikarigaoka: Ayane Sakura
Kaede Unomori: Yuka Otsubo
Hinano Sakurai: Chie Uihara
Megumi Sakunokuchi: Moe Toyota
Mizuki Tana: Kana Yuuki
Chie Fujino: Natsumi Sugita
Hikari Kodama: Shizuka Ichinomiya
Yuzu Odasaga: Serena Atou
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Source: Crunchyroll


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