Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is currently in the United States for a state visit which includes talks on the US and Japanese automotive industry as well as some trade deals with its military and economic ally. During the trip, President Barack Obama, thanked the Japanese leader for some of Japan’s most popular aspects, and that includes anime, mangas, and of course, emojis!

In the thank you message to “one of America’s closest allies in the world”, President Obama said that

“Today is a chance for Americans, especially our young people, to say thank you for all the things we love from Japan, like karate and karaoke … Manga and anime. … And, of course, emojis.”

The United States has a vast following of anime and mangas, with several celebrities admitting they are fans of several titles. Several mangas, such as One Piece, Naruto, Monster Musume, and Attack on Titan, have all made it to the prestigious New York Times Best Seller List. The influence of Japanese pop culture elements, which include anime and mangas, is evident in the country, and its leader, considered the most powerful man on Earth, has acknowledged this with that very thank you speech. Well, I guess there’s nothing left to say but… Thanks Obama!

thanks obama

Prime Minister Abe’s US visit also includes a White House state dinner with President Obama where they will be served Japanese Wagyu beef by Iron Chef Masaharu Miyamoto, a celebrity chef in both Japan and the US. After that, Abe will be watching a special performance of the Jersey Boys musical along with 300 other guests.

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source: USA Today


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