Going on a date with your 2D waifus are getting more and more possible as figure and hobby manufacturer, Megahouse, has created a new virtual headset called the BotsNew, which utilizes a 3D environment made by the headset and brings to life some content you downloaded from your smartphone.

By downloading videos and other files into their smartphones and placing them on the headset, users can enjoy a unique 3D experience. From skydiving to going on a virtual date, the BotsNew gives fans a chance to do what they have always wanted to do in the virtual world.


It even includes dating sims which simulates a date with a real 3D girl. They even have dating sims which let you date real Japanese idols like the ones featuring the idol group, Kamen Joshii, and you can even date real race queens with Around Girl. And since these simulators are user-submitted, don’t be surprised to see a few 2D ones


BotsNew is compatible with both iOS and Android, so smartphone users shouldn’t worry. This VR headset also comes cheap as it costs only 2,760 yen so some of Megahouse’s own figures and plastic models definitely cost a whole lot more. Well, the BotsNew ain’t Oculus Rift, that’s for sure, but to go to the virtual world and have dates there with some virtual waifus for only 2,760 yen would be quite the steal, don’t you think so?

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Don’t miss a single update from SGCafe! Follow us on Twitter: @SGCafe

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