Many anime have been based on school life, and school life would more often than not, involve student councils.For this week’s Charapedia poll, the Japanese anime database has asked 10,000 anime fans to vote for which anime characters do they think would make the best student council.

The poll asked 10,000 fans to vote not only for the anime character they think would be the best student council president, but also the best vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The first page contains who the fans voted for as treasurer and secretary while the second page contains the president and vice president. Here are the results:


5) Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko’s Basketball)

4) Kiyoko Shimizu (Haikyuu!)

3) Hachiman Hikigaya (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

2) Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

1) Aria Shichijou (Seitokai Yakuindomo)


Aria may be perverted, but she really does her job well as student council secretary. She is sociable and well liked, and she she gets the job done. Meanwhile, Nagisa Shiota is efficient and talented at observing others, so he would also make a good secretary. The same could also be said for #3 ranked Hachiman, who despite being a loner, can get things done as efficiently as possible… you might hate him at the end though, because his methods are a bit unorthodox.


5) Io Naruko (Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!)

4) Ai Haibara (Case Closed!/ Detective Conan)

3) Mogana Kikaijima (Medaka Box)

2) Nami (One Piece)

1) Suzu Hagimura (Seitokai Yakuindomo)


Suzu may be small, but she is definitely a force to be reckoned with at school as she is a genius who can calculate complex equations in her head without a calculator in a second, which makes calculating club budgets and school allocations a breeze. And speaking of money, Nami and Mogana are also spot-on in terms of becoming treasurers as both girls know how to handle money, and it is really scary how they can be when it comes to the subject.

President and Vice President results are on page 2

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