You’ve heard of itashas, those anime-themed cars which are usually shown during car shows and usually feature the owner’s favorite character, you’ve heard of itacharis, or anime-themed bikes, and you’ve heard of itagashas (anime-themed umbrellas), itaindous (anime-themed stamps), itaboards, and ita-curtains, but have you ever heard of ita-toilets? Chances are, no.


However, during the Niconico Choukaigi event, The Japan Unko Society (unko means well… poop/ shit), and yes, they really do exist, has introduced a colorful new toilet bowl which is clearly decorated with many anime-style characters.


The Japan Unko Society aims to educate the public with the relationship between bowel movement and health, and to do that, their booth at Niconico Choukaigi featured this little um… treasure?!


The characters represented in the ita-toilet are anthropomorphic versions of bacteria normally found in poop and are part of the UnColle or Unko Collection.


Needless to say, the toilet has attracted many people, especially several cosplayers and the famous sailorsuit oldman, Hideaki Kobayashi

unko04 unko05 unko06

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, the booth also features an unko lamp and an unko fairy. Now that right there is one unique celebration of… poop!

unko08 unko09

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Source: ANN


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