With the original Digidestined returning for a new Digimon anime titled Digimon Adventure Tri.. digimon fans who grew up watching the original are as excited as ever. However, the new artwork does not seem to fly as much to other fans who were more used to the original character designs.

Some fans have taken it to themselves to revert the Digidestined to their “original forms” and edited the images from the new PV to make them look a whole lot more like their original character designs. Here it is:


The one who did this mostly just changed the eyes to make them look like the ones from the original human character designs from the classic anime. True, the fan remake looks a little bit closer to the original designs, however, reactions in Japan for these fan remakes are a bit mixed with some loving the fan-made ones while others think that the new official character designs reflect that the fact that these characters have now already grown up.

Another fan meanwhile, AmeliePoptart, has posted on her Deviantart page an edited version of the anime’s key visual which shows the new-look Digidestined. It’s safe to say that she ain’t such a big fan of the new designs and her language might not make Captain America from the Avengers very happy.


Well, somebody’s angry with the character designs.

It has been revealed that Jormungand and School Days director, Keitaro Motonaga will be at the helm of this new project by Toei Animation as the director while Tsuritama character designer, Atsuya Uki will be in charge of character design, which explains why the characters look a bit different than the originals.

Digimon Adventure Tri. will not be a TV anime as originally planned but a 6-part movie series. The first part to this now-anime movie series will premiere in Japan on November 29, 2015 and it will be fittingly titled Saikai, which means Reunion in Japanese.

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