People are often heavily influenced in their lives by pop culture, which include movies, music, video games, TV shows, and even internet memes. The Japanese media website, MyNavi Student, has recently polled its readers which work, whether it be from anime, video games, vocaloid, music, or mangas, have influenced them in their lives.

Which work was able to influence you in school or work?

According to a 25-year old female respondent who works in the automotive industry, Final Fantasy VII has influenced her to also be interested in the video game industry.


Meanwhile, a 26-year old female respondent has said that Hatsune Miku has influenced her to try her hand in songwriting.


A 30-year old female respondent meanwhile stated that she joined her high school’s basketball club because she was influenced by Slam Dunk.


Which work has saved you?

A 30-year old female respondent has stated that One Piece has saved her. Every time she is feeling down or remembers something bad, she just thinks of One Piece


Meanwhile, the Porno Graffitti song, Agehachou, was the choice for a 26-year old female respondent who said that the song gets her in the mood.


Which work has impressed you?

A 30-year old male respondent said that Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky is a good story from his childhood and impresses him to this day.


Which work has influenced you in a negative way?

A 23-year old worker has stated that the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has influenced him in a negative way by making him into an otaku. The same can be said for a 26-year old teacher who said that Neon Genesis Evangelion has influenced her into the otaku lifestyle, which is often looked down upon in Japan.

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A 39-year old female meanwhile blamed Final Fantasy XI for her being hooked to online gaming.


so, which piece of work has influenced you the most?

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Source: MyNavi Student


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