Looks like we are going to expect something big from Soulcalibur in the future. According to the official facebook fanpage for Bandai namco’s popular fighting game, Soulcalibur, the development team behind the game, Project Soul, is “probably preparing something huge”, and they want fans to participate through an official character poll.


The development team “would like to hear your voice for the future of Soulcalibur” and announced that the poll, which fans can participate in until May 31, 2015, is for the Soulcalibur brand in general. Here is what a representative from the development team has to say:

“Hello everyone, thank you so much for your interest in this survey! We have 2800 votes so far. I would say this is a great start! By the way, let me add that this survey is NOT related to SoulCalibur Lost Swords but for the brand in general. Again thanks for your support and have a great weekend!”

So this means that this might mean that we might have another game other than their free-to-play SoulCalibur Lost Swords game. Could this mean a Soulcalibur 6? Or could this mean a different game entirely? Who knows?

Fans can vote for their favorite characters through these links:

PC users:

Mobile users:

So, who will you vote for?

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A huge thanks to Soul Goodguy for the heads up!


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