With Hestia becoming an internet craze and and ‘Is it Wrong to Pick-up Girls in a Dungeon?‘ or DanMachi for short, becoming one of this season’s most popular anime, it wasn’t long before its official merchandise are announced, and Movic is giving some of the “loli oppai” goddess’s fans a special treat.


Anime merchandise makers, Movic, are releasing two new dakimakuras or body pillows from the anime and they are featuring both Hestia (pictured above) and Aiz Wallenstein (pictured below). Each of these body pillow covers are scheduled for release this July 2015 and will cost 10,800 yen.


Movic will also be releasing a special paper cutter based on Bell’s weapon, the Hestia Knife. This knife, which may not be able to cut up monsters like the real one from the anime/ light novels, but it makes for one fine replica or collectible. It is also scheduled for release in July and will cost 2,300 yen.


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Source: Crunchyroll


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