Hunter X Hunter is infamous for its long hiatuses which often last of years on end. It’s current hiatus started back in August when the manga’s creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, was having some back problems. The manga has been on hiatus ever since.

Because of these frequent and very long hiatuses, several bookstores in Japan have decided to “end” the manga themselves by announcing that Hunter X Hunter is now completed and are selling “complete sets” of the manga for 7,500 yen.

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The manga is currently on volume 32 and is still officially listed by Shueisha, which publishes and serializes Hunter X Hunter, as “ongoing”. There is still no word on Togashi’s return however.

The reactions in Japan on these completed Hunter X Hunter manga sets are mixed as some people, mostly those frustrated by the frequent hiatuses, have said that the manga is better off ending at Vol. 32 while others want it to continue despite all the hiatuses. Fans however still lovingly call the manga “Hiatus X Hiatus”.

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