The official website for the new Love Live! follow-up series, Love Live! Sunshine, has finally been updated and it now shows the character profiles of all nine new aspiring idols, all of whom are students in a school with less than 100 students and is found in the seaside town of Uchiura, near Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture. Last time, the voice cast for the nine aspiring school idols were revealed

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Chika Takami (CV: Anju Inami) is a fan of μ’s, and like Honoka before her, is a second year student with orange hair. Her family runs an inn and is the youngest of three sisters. μ’s has inspired her to form a school idol group which aims to be the sister group of μ’s


Riko Sakurauchi  (CV: Rikako Aida) is an artistic second year student who transferred to Uchiura from Akihabara. She is usually quiet and withdrawn and only became a school idol because of Chika’s influence.


Kanan Matsuura (CV: Nanaka Suwa) is Chika’s childhood friend and is a third year student. She runs a diving school with her grandfather, and like many childhood friend characters, she often worries about Chika and decides to become a school idol in order to help her.


Dia Kurosawa (CV: Arisa Komiya) is the new series’ resident rich girl as she hails from a well known family in Uchiura. Cool and competitive, she is their school’s student council president, and like Riko and Chika, she is also a second year student. She vows that Chika will “regret” adding her to the group as she will accept nothing but total victory.


You Watanabe (CV: Shuka Saito) is her school’s ace diver who wants to be like her father, which is a ferry captain. She is a first year student and she seems that she is not as confident as the other members in becoming an idol, however, she does find singing and dancing to be very fun.


Yoshiko Tsushima (CV: Aika Kobayashi) is a second year and is the series’ resident Chuunibyou who thinks she is very unlucky as her life has been full of misfortune. She calls herself Johanne and says she is a demon cursed with misfortune.


Hanamaru Kunikida (CV: Kanako Takatsuki) is a first year and is a shrine maiden for a local shrine run by her family. Her friend, Ruby, managed to convince her to join the new group as she is a great singer and is part of a local choir. Her hobby is reading.


Ruby Kurosawa (CV: Ai Furihata) is the one who convinced Hanamaru to become a school idol by pestering her, however, she is considered to be a crybaby and is afraid of men. She is actually Dia’s younger sister but seems to be her complete opposite as she is not very confident with her abilities as compared with her prideful and competitive sister. She is an idol fan and can be compared to Hanayo in that regard, however, she is prone to stuttering. Her hobby is sewing.


Finally, third year Mari Ohara(CV: Aina Suzuki) may seem like an Eli clone as she is also half-Japanese (the other half is French, though her dad runs a Italian hotel chain). Her favorite genre of music is metal, however, her friendly personality is supportive of the others. She often inserts Italian words in her sentences and takes horseback riding lessons.


Fans get to vote for the official name of this new school idol group aiming to be recognized as the sister group for μ’s. Like the original Love Live! school idols, this group (which is also formed by an orange-haired protagonist), aims to reinvigorate their school, Ura no Hoshi Girls Academy.

So, what do you guys think of the new batch of school idols?

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