Love Live!‘s Rin Hoshizora just looooooooooooves ramen, and she has been given her own ramen brand, Rin-chan Ramen by Sega, before. Now, the lovable and catty tomboy will be getting even more ramen related to her as Acecook releases two new ramen flavors inspired by the μ’s school idol. She will surely go Nyaaaaah with these!

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Acecook’s two new Rin-inspired ramen flavors were made to promote the upcoming Love Live! School Idol Movie, which will also be shown in other parts of the world including South East Asia, Korea, and the United States. These two new Rin flavors are I LOVE Pork and Onion ramen and I LOVE Spicy Wild Leek and Pork Ramen.


Each cup of these instant ramen will include one of four Love Live! School Idol Movie stickers which fans can definitely collect.


These ramen cups will be sold in sets of three of the same flavor and will be released on June 1, 2015. Each set of three will be sold for 200 yen.

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Source: Love Live! official


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