As part of the ongoing collaboration between Kagami Yoshimizu’s popular 4-panel manga, Lucky Star, and the hit PC browser game, Kantai Collection, Sega is releasing a new prize figure, which also celebrates the birthday of the Lucky Star main character, Konata Izumi.


The new figure features Konata wearing the costume of the speedy one-off destroyer, Shimakaze, and being accompanied by three Rensouhou-chans which sort of look like Miyuki, Kagami, and Tsukasa. It is based on Lucky Star’s special limited edition volume 10 cover and scheduled for release on Konata’s birthday, which is May 28, 2015.


And speaking of Miyuki, Kagami, and Tsukasa, all three of them will also be getting Kantai Collection collaboration figures from Sega with Miyuki Takara dressing up as the Fubuki-class destroyer, Miyuki, Tsukasa dressing up as the Myoukou-class heavy cruiser, Haguro Kai Ni, and Kagami cosplaying as the aircraft carrier, Kaga.


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source: Sega Prize official


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