Angel Beats! 1st Beat may be one of the most anticipated new visual novel games in Japan, and before it gets released for PCs in Japan this June 26, 2015, Key Visual Arts, which makes the game, has released several new game CGs from events as well as several screenshots of what we might expect in playing the upcoming PC visual novel game.

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Here are a few event CGs which we feel might break a few hearts, especially those who have watched the Angel Beats! anime

And here are a few more…

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Finally, Key has also unveiled a few screenshots which show several conversations players will be expecting in the game as well as a guide to the map which lets players go around the school of the afterlife.

The all-ages visual novel game will focus on 19 characters which are spending their afterlife in a high school. It will have six volumes with the first volume, or “1st Beat” focusing on Iwasawa’s, Matsushita’s and Yui’s routes. Angel Beats!-1st beat- is scheduled for release in Japan this June 26, 2015 after a few delays, and will be available for Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. There is still no word if the game will be translated into English however.

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source: 4Gamer


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