The Treasure Festa in Ariake kicked off at the Tokyo Big Sight last May 5, 2015 and showcased several new and upcoming figures from Griffon Enterprises as well as a display of dakimakuras or body pillows. The figure event also featured several garage kits and figures made by various circles and small figure companies.

Let’s start things off with the biggest name in the event, which is Griffon Enterprises which showcased their massive 1/2.5 scale figures as well as teasing their upcoming 1/2.5 scale Super Sonico figure. Also showcased are their anthropomorphic Ultraman monster girls and other upcoming figures from Sword Art Online, Date-A-Live, Rozen Maiden, and others

One of the biggest attractions in the event is the dakimakura or body pillow display which features various pillow covers from several anime and video game series

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