The theme for 2016’s Snow Miku Design Contest is Hokkaido Winter Sports, and as the Hatsune Miku Time 8 live streaming event was being shown, it was revealed that the new Snow Miku 2016 is just that as she shows some love for skiing and snowboarding.


The new Snow Miku design is called the Owly Owl Snow Miku while the new design for her pet, Yukine is called the Flying Yukine. Both designs are submitted by the same person, Kotatsu Odoki, which means that they will surely go well together. The two designs won via a popular vote which were announced during the live streaming event. You can also check out the designs which did not win through this link

owly owl flying Yukine

Owly Owl Snow Miku won by getting 35.5% of the total number of votes while Flying Yukine received a whopping 54.4%. It is good to be Kotatsu Odoki right now.

Last year, Good Smile Company and Piapro have decided that Hokkaido winter plants was the theme for Snow Miku 2015, and this year, they have decided to go with Hokkaido winter sports for Snow Miku 2016. The winning Snow Miku design will be featured in next year’s Sapporo Snow Festival and will also receive a new limited edition nendoroid and figma.

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Source: Piapro


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