Here’s a picture of a familiar-looking mecha. This looks like a manga drawing, right? It really does, doesn’t it?


The answer to the question however is no because this is a custom-painted Revoltech articulated figure made to really look like it’s from a manga.

As they say in Gundam Build Fighters Try, GunPla is freedom, and that also holds true for other plastic models that are not GunPla as well as other kit-bashed figures. Modeler mumumuno53, who we previously featured in an article about his beautifully painted RX-78-2 Gundam which really looks like a 3D computer image, recently custom-painted a Revoltech Powered Armor from the Starship Troopers anime. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like originally as designed by Japanese design studio, Studio Nue:


Now here is mumumuno53’s custom-painted version which really makes it look like it’s coming straight from a Japanese manga.


They even painted the human figure inside to have the same color scheme.


Here are even more images:

Amazing, huh? I wish I had painting skills like that, because my GunPla collection would certainly look a whole lot better if I did.

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source: Kotaku


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