5) AnoHana


4) Kuroko’s Basketball

kuroko no basket new visual

3) Angel Beats!


2) Gintama

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1) Clannad


The results offer a unique mix of comedic and tragic anime with tearjerkers like AnoHana, Angel beats! and Clannad in the Top 5 with a laugh-out-loud comedy like Gintama, but in the end, the classic yet tragic Clannad won out in the end by taking first place ahead of Gintama and fellow Key tear-jerker, Angel Beats.

And it seems like fans also want to see a bit of action in their final day, with series like Code Geass, Sword Art Online, and even Kuroko’s Basketball.

So, how about you guys? If you only have ONE more day to live, what anime would you watch? I’ll be honest here, I’m still divided over watching Gundam Zeta and [email protected]

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