Yowamushi Pedal has become one of the most popular sports anime series today, and Weekly Shounen Champion, which serializes Wataru Watanabe’s hit cycling manga, has recently asked its readers to rank their favorite Yowamushi Pedal characters in an official magazine poll.

The manga magazine’s 23rd issue will be released this Tuesday, and it will be revealing the results of the poll, however, according to a leak of the magazine, these are the results:

15) Takuto Ajikiba – 728 votes

14) Yukinari Kuroda – 812 votes

13) Shunsuke Imaizumi – 878 votes

12) Touichirou Izumida – 929 votes

11) Sangaku Manami – 1,037 votes

10) Wataru Watanabe (the manga’s creator)- 1,122 votes

9) Hajime Aoyagi – 1,240 votes

8) Hayato Shinkai – 1,479 votes

7) Shoukichi Naruko- 1,662 votes

6) Sakamichi Onoda – 2,025 votes

5) Akira Midousuji – 2,273 votes


4) Yasutomo Arakita – 2,495 votes


3) Jinpachi Toudou – 2,738 votes


2) Junta Teshima – 3,932 votes


1) Yuusuke Makishima – 4,146 votes


Last Year, Weekly Shounen Champion also conducted an official character popularity poll, and looks like the results for #1 has been retained. With his long and green hair, Yuusuke Makishima, whose unorthodox cycling style, has  clearly won over fans as this “Peak Spider” has been regarded as one of the best climbers in Japan. He pulls one from under fellow fan-favorite, Yasutomo Arakita, who has won many character polls.

So who do you think should be #1?

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Source: ANN


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