Exactly one year ago, we here at SGCafe reported that Tekken producer and video game icon, Katsuhiro Harada, is a huge [email protected] fanboy, and his “waifu” is none other than the series’ resident tsundere rich girl, Iori Minase.


Last year, he shocked the fighting game world by merely changing his twitter name from Tekken Harada to Iori Minase. This year, he has done the same thing by changing his twitter name to Iori’s, however, people weren’t as shocked anymore.


One of his first tweets as “Minase Iori” is greeting everyone a good morning. Well, it’s safe to say that the tweet got everyone’s attention and that his fans now know that for today, Katsuhiro Harada is Iori Minase. But wait, his profile picture surely looks kinda familiar

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He actually chose Iori’s [email protected] Million live card artwork which not only featured her in Tekken fighter, Lili’s costume, but also featured “Harada” photobombing, and yes, he is wearing that Iori Minase T-shirt he is so proud of in that artwork.


Now that is one dedicated fanboy indeed. I wonder if we will get an [email protected] costume for Lili in Tekken 7 soon…

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