3) Miku Itou (Locodol’s Nanako Usami and Re-Kan!’s Narumi Inoue)


2) Momo Asakura (Witchcraft Works’ Rin Kazari and [email protected] Million Live’s Serika Hakozaki)


1) Sora Amamiya (Aldnoah.Zero’s Princess Asseylum and Akame Ga Kill!’s Akame)


Sora Amamiya is #1?! Well, that certainly ain’t surprising as the voice actress lovingly called Princess Akame Vers Fujimiya-san by fans is the break our star of the Japanese voice acting industry last year and it seems that she is pretty difficult to stop this year as well. “Princess Sora” has already established herself as one of the most sought-after voice actresses in Japan, and it looks like that won’t stop any time soon.

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