5) Shouichi Imayoshi (Kuroko’s Basketball)


4) Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)


3) Nadeko Sengoku (Monogatari series)


2) Iroha Isshiki (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)


1) Sougo Okita (Gintama)


Now there you have it, Charapedia’s Top 10 sly and villainous anime characters, which certainly got a few surprises in. #1 ranked Sougo Okita however is absolutely no surprise at all as he seems to always be plotting something, and most of the time, what he’s plotting ain’t very nice.

#2 ranked Iroha may seem like a cheeky girl at first, but she is definitely up to something, and #3 ranked Nadeko has already proven that she’s not the nice girl you always thought she is.#4 ranked Izaya meanwhile really deserves to be in the list as his plans have made the life of a certain Shizuo Heiwajima a whole lot more complicated.

The results also featured a few surprises, with the biggest one being SAO’s Silica, who many fans have attributed to be a lot more conniving than what she is being presented in the anime.

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source: Charapedia

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