Monster Musume is without a doubt one of the most highly awaited anime adaptations this upcoming summer 2015 season, and TOHO Animation has started streaming the upcoming monster girl anime’s very first PV

The video features the six main girls for the anime, Miia the Lamia (CV: Sora Amamiya), Papi the Harpy (CV: Ari Ozawa), Centorea the Centaur (CV: Natsuki Aikawa), Suu the Slime Girl (CV: Mayuka Nomura), Melo the Mermaid (CV: Haruka Yamazaki), and Rachnera the Arachne (CV: Sakura Nakamura). The video also gives us a preview of the anime’s OP song titled Saikousoku Fall in Love, which is performed by the six main cast members.

A new key visual image has also been added and it now features all six main monster girls.


Monster Musume is scheduled to premiere in July, however, no exact premiere date has been made so far.

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