Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, named his Saiyan characters with vegetables like Goku (Kakarot/ Carrot), Napa (Napa Cabbage), Raditz (Raddish), and of course, Vegeta, which is short for Vegetable. Now, Dragon Ball’s Saiyan prince is seen taking on vegetables being dropped by his wife, Bulma.

The ad was shown to promote Nissin’s new cup ramen flavor, vegetable, and who better to star in it than Vegeta himself, right?! And it seems that his opponents were quite difficult to handle as he just had to go Super Saiyan just to take on one gigantic head of cabbage, and that’s pretty serious!


The ramen however, maybe vegetable flavored, but it does contain bacon broth, so sorry vegetarians. Nissin’s vegetable ramen is now on sale and is worth 194 yen in Japan.

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