The Shouhei Bridge Building in Akihabara, Tokyo has served as the anime pilgrimage spot for many Love Live! fans, also known as Love Livers, as it has been featured in the second season of Love Live! as the apartment complex Nico Yazawa lives in.

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However, there are some sad news about the anime pilgrimage spot as the building has failed earthquake safety tests and been deemed unsafe when a major earthquake strikes Japan once again as it has been found out that it may collapse. Because of this, the Tokyo Kouyuukai has determined that it must be torn down and tenants must find a different building to live in and vacate the premises by the end of September. The building is set to be demolished by the end of the year. Here are a few comparison images around the building’s area

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Now that’s a shame indeed. Hopefully, this will give rise to an even more structurally sound and safer building for tenants

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Source: Yaraon!, images via Tsurebashi blog


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