Hatsune Miku is a global phenomenon, and her influence has reached everywhere from her home country of Japan to the United States, and even China! And surprisingly enough, China will be getting its very own exclusive Hatsune Miku-themed PlayStation 4 console.


Sony China is launching these exclusive PS4 consoles as a tie-in to the Miku Expo Shanghai event which will be held from June 27 – 28, 2015. Each console will cost 2,899 yuans and those who purchase one will get a priority application to attend her Miku Expo concert in Shanghai. They will also get to purchase tickets at a special discounted price.

UPDATE: These however are not entirely Miku-themed PS4 consoles as they are more of a replacement HDDs with a Miku Expo Shanghai theme. The first 100 people to reserve the white PS4 from the Huaihai Road store will receive the PS4, a replacement HDD cover plate with the Miku Expo design, as well as an “A” section ticket for the concert.


The PS4’s HDD will feature the Miku Expo Shanghai visual featuring Miku herself.


The event is also offering a special PS Vita bundle which comes with a special Miku Expo T-shirt. The bundle costs 1,299 yuan, however, only 100 are available and were sold out on the first day alone


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Source: Miku Expo official Weibo Page

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