The Hestia Knife is the main weapon for the Bell Cranel, the main protagonist for one of this Spring 2015 season’s hottest and most talked-about anime, Is it Wrong to Pick-Up Girls in a Dungeon?, and with its popularity, a fan has remade one of the series’ signature weapons


The knife, which was made by the goddess Hephaestus for Hestia on a loan, contains several magical abilities including the ability to be able to cut anything as long as it’s Bell who is the one wielding it. Twitter user @Nachtgreif has made his own replica of the Hestia Knife, and while it may not be able to cut through tough Minotaur flesh, it can glow just like the actual knife.


Since he is no Bell Cranel, @Nachtgreif has said that he used AA batteries to power his knife to make it shine. He even showed how it looked like while he was working on it. As he is also no Hephaestus, he said that he used acrylic and plastic for his Hestia Knife


Looks really powerful for a mere knife, huh? Hopefully, the maker can use this to protect his goddess, just like Bell Cranel himself.

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