Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium made a whole lot of yuri fans go SQUEE when two of the anime’s main characters, Kumiko and Reyna, shared a “special” moment with each other by playing their respective musical instruments


That scene has become the favorite of many fans, and true to form, some of them have identified the area where that scene took place and even went on a hiking trip/ anime pilgrimage just to visit that very spot.


Several fans have posted on twitter their little hiking excursion to a place which is now considered an anime holy land. They even brought a doll with them to act as their model in place of Reyna!


Known as the Daikichi Mountain Observatory, it is found in Kyoto, and because of that episode, the area’s officials have taken notice of the anime fans and otakus climbing the mountain and have even posted a sign for them


And it seems that the fans have also identified the school Reyna, Kumiko, Sapphire, and the others go to.


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