In Pokemon, you know things have gotten a lot more serious once Ash turns his cap around, and with a new Pokemon collaboration merchandise, that cap turn becomes a little bit more stylish.

Beams has recently teamed up with renowned international cap makers, New Era to give Pokemon fans an absolute treat with three new Pikachu-inspired ball caps that not only make proud Pokefans showoff their Pokemon pride, but can also make them Ash’s cap turn with style


The cap comes in three different designs, and each one features the electrifying mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. The NEW ERA × BEAMS / Pokemon Cap Ⅰ sells for 5,400 yen and comes in either black or yellow. The black cap features a silhouette of Pikachu while the yellow cap features a P with Pikachu’s face.

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The NEW ERA × BEAMS / Pokemon Cap Ⅱ meanwhile sells for 6,480 yen and features Pikachu’s very cute face


These ball caps are scheduled for release on mid-June 2015 and are currently being sold online by BEAMS

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